Sunday, January 17, 2010

Discovering The World (Sarcastically)

I have just discovered the world and I did it, not by discovering myself or traveling to far off lands, but by ceasing my desire to discover and becoming aware of the world passing through me ).

Have you noticed everyone searching?

Have you noticed that it is not until a very late age or after some intense psychological/spiritual trauma that they seem to reach a peaceful plane where the mental expedition stops and all that seems important is the now. All that matters is capturing the moment, good or bad (these imaginary systems), recognizing that this is a more relaxed and enlightened life.

The problem I see, however, is not with those that are not enlightened or those that are because these by there psychological nature, dare I say universal nature, are subject to entropy and therefore are fleeting. The problem I see is with the idea of naming a state of acceptance.

When I was younger I enjoyed drama, and found peace in it. Now that I am on the backside of psychological trauma I enjoy quiet moments and find more peace in them (not to say I don’t still enjoy the occasional situation or a good ol'fashioned crush). Therefore I can only conclude that if the meaning of life is to, as I previously stated, find peace, than this is invariably what we are doing all of the time, for it is our purpose and therefore, no matter the state we seem to be in and no matter what we seem to be doing we are all seeking peace.
Unfortunately this peace for some comes from chaos and pain, for others it comes from peace and joy, but these are not right and wrong, they are nature, of which we are conscious, maintaining its perfect balance. This balance, however, is not permanent, or at least not to the extent that we can perceive it as such. It is rather a completely objective complex machine incapable of fault because it is incapable of doing.
It is held in harmony by its laws, the sciences that we manipulate are our governor, and our governing bodies, religion, law, etc are merely our best manifestations of these universal principles we do not understand. My one fear is that our collective mind may be capable of creating science but even then it is only we who would be manifesting a less eloquent system of a universe that is quite obviously eloquent.

Stop judging, stop looking or don’t…you are already doing what you are trying to figure out if you should be doing. What you lack is the courage to do without the justification of others. This is the failure of man; we are too weak for our occasional conscious and I am just the person to judge you for it as I am perhaps its biggest victim. This is why, as hero and victim, I give it to God, pray to the rising sun, and try to find myself in everyone I meet.

ELL 06/15/07

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