Sunday, January 17, 2010


Jaded red, and hazel blue
Lost again till I see you.
No wine heals this time apart
Or the romance I am about to start.
Flowers know as I do,
Spring times coming, an intoxicating bloom,
Seductive to the morning tune
Of waffles, red wine, skittles and you.

A mystery conceals me from myself,
This boy carrying this boring man
Looking for the boy that once held the plan
And what do I find standing in my place
But a kitty purring and scratching at my face.
Well kitty come roll in the fight I am,
And roll until I am a man,
Roll until spring is done,
The blooms all gone with the setting sun.

And to Orion that would judge my fate
Stop and be gone, you’ll have to wait,
Clouds roll in and conceal my intent
Hide it from everyone, hide it within.
Looking for a reason and knowing what’s to come,
I roll in the purity of this spring time fun.

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