Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kitty Come Soon

Like a railroad track to chaos and despair,
I want to dance among the long curled hair,
Hard not to stare, harder yet to beware.
Watery eyes, like a segue, a window to her intent.
I find myself stricken and falling too quick.
I’m riding this train, unable to stop,
There is no exit, there are no drops.
Speeding and rushing this train picks up tempo
Like a song bleeding its final crescendo.
And I, who once was the conductor of this tune
Find myself the victim of “kitty come soon”.
And so I jump to depart to avoid getting bored,
Or worse to avoid being boring
Looking for a new way, thinking I am safe
I dive back in, ebb and flow, into the deep end
Its cyclical like commotion, driving my damn emotion
and in the height of it, with no one else around
she lets me touch her boarding that train
this time to the end. 

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