Sunday, January 17, 2010


Broken streets have left me meek
‘lying lost in the scent of her’.
Too many days pass between my indiscretions
And so I’m impatient at the thought of her.
I loose sleep to dancing gypsies roaming through my mind,
Beating toward my heart, me they’ve yet to find.

Violent sensations in violet all around,
The world put asunder with its disturbing sounds,
I have to save my destiny and protect the truth,
To show the world my passion and give myself some proof.

I get one ration of passion to get me through my day,
And who do I find purring but this kitty in my way.
So I deliver my misfortune in one unyielding verse,
Letting this fool guide me directly into her.
No troubles come tithing here at my door,
Instead I find my muse waiting, grrrrr, meow, roar!

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