Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Responsible To You

I have been here before, but removed by the thin glass that would see me set detached. And now, violently aware of the emotions taking place over here, I am filled with the past, enslaved by my own regret. What am I, if not confused, if not abused, if not in perpetual sorrow for the stares I have stared before. I have seen my face, like in a mirror, betrothed by wonder and simultaneously angry at the faces that would stop my progression and make me, force me to check myself, my thoughts, my expression, ceasing the flow of my spirit in its search for perfection. I have seen it like a tool of arrogance. Seen it like a manual for the ever aware, ever distant God to view me. And now, being on the inside I can only marvel at the simplicity of omnipotence and study, to put oneself permanently inside another, than this being is revealed with every self reflection. To wonder unto oneself is to be exposed to what is inside. This could be the catalyst of eternity, that what we teach is not left in lesson, but left inside, leaving us imprinted with the voices of the souls around us reminding us that it is a progression and that we must grow and that we are all responsible to each other.

ELL 10/16/06

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