Monday, February 22, 2010

The List


Family values


Old Soul






Hard working


Likes to cuddle

Loves music

Loves movies

Loves old things





Piercing eyes



Musician/Singer – karaoke OK

Little country/Little city

Wants children



Likes to banter

Likes to party

Likes to sleep in...occasionally

Takes the road less traveled











Requires more of me than I am...

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Chastity roaring at my door, blue eyes peek through the half closed window to a too open soul that speaks alone of love, being lost, and finding home. Patient’s watches my mind race to avoid it and romance is lost at the thought of it. Running too soon to the city to lose it, we found it while desperate to misplace this teasing thing that knows we know it knows. We found it in fresh snow, in black streets, where love often meets. In unknown portals, and little man holes, I stopped and asked where did our souls go? We found it in a town unlike any other, millions around, all in wander, enjoying the light you brought to me, bright enough for this duplicity. Simplified every instant, I choose to suffer you, and when asked why I do it, I remember waiting, catching those blue eyes at my door, roaring and speaking of nothing just to justify a presence that can amount to nothing. Though should you find courage in the subversive words I write, in the memory of how I find you, most of the time right, comment below, I hate you, and brave a new life, comment at all, I know you, and find me standing by your side.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New York:
I had the pleasure of exploring this magnificent town this week and have been left permanently imprinted by the hospitality, scale, and umami of the city. First things first, the pro.

Don’t honk, $350 fine,
Wrong tunnel, wrong way
Empire state of mind.
Harry Monk, I’ll see you soon
Ireland I’ll see you sooner!
The Marcel was swell,
Boom Boom was better
And in the spirit of it all
I built the queen a throne
From which she saved lives
One song at a time.
I rode the subway,
Too many barstools
And found home in conversation
Settled to my destination
And just as I started to learn my way around
Downtown, Midtown, Uptown
East Village, Soho, Gramercy
Central Park, Jersey, and Time Square
China Town, Little Italy, and Columbus Circle
Saw 6, saw 59, saw 5th, saw Broadway
Saw myself, saw someone else
And in the truck I left in I left different then when I came.
Not more knowledgeable, wise, or rude
But amazed that God has created such
A place for me to view. Amazed that it
Never stops no matter the mood and
Amazed that I loved it, all of it, so soon.

That being said I will be back very soon to chase down all of the things that eluded me this time around. I am in love as I prefer to be but this time it is with a city. Standing on top of the Empire State Building at 1000’ and staring at the scale of the city, Jersey, Queens, and Brooklyn is similar to standing in a corn field and staring at the stars. You feel important, insignificant, and inspired, this is what New York City did for me. The only strange thing is that all of those Yankees think they won the war. :)

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