Thursday, February 18, 2010


Chastity roaring at my door, blue eyes peek through the half closed window to a too open soul that speaks alone of love, being lost, and finding home. Patient’s watches my mind race to avoid it and romance is lost at the thought of it. Running too soon to the city to lose it, we found it while desperate to misplace this teasing thing that knows we know it knows. We found it in fresh snow, in black streets, where love often meets. In unknown portals, and little man holes, I stopped and asked where did our souls go? We found it in a town unlike any other, millions around, all in wander, enjoying the light you brought to me, bright enough for this duplicity. Simplified every instant, I choose to suffer you, and when asked why I do it, I remember waiting, catching those blue eyes at my door, roaring and speaking of nothing just to justify a presence that can amount to nothing. Though should you find courage in the subversive words I write, in the memory of how I find you, most of the time right, comment below, I hate you, and brave a new life, comment at all, I know you, and find me standing by your side.

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