Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If I Dare

I moved into the sun in an attempt to find my soul
Still lost in the dark of you would know.
I moved across the world in an attempt to lose myself
So lost at the sight of everyone else.

Lose your mind and you will find me
Lose your faith and I will find you
Find a faith that we can share, a time that we may dare, and a place that could spare a little room for this otherwise obvious, not so auspicious, serendipity.

I walked into the sun in an attempt to find myself
Lost in the dark of you.
I walked across the world in an attempt to know myself
Lost in the sight of you.
You lost your mind and found me bearing a new faith for the world to share
But you refused it, refused me, and let me bleed in the sea that would never be.

Lose your mind, no tricks, just lost in the woods, broken sticks under fallen leaves in a cold rain that sings in the branches of my despair, you're lost, I am found, and all in the faith of these trees that would see me set detached but would finally let me be at peace.

I search subversily and kidnap my own mind, frozen in analysis, frozen sometimes, but you free me in distraction, give me focus in attraction, you vangaurd, you vow, you envelope too much of me. I have traveled lost in the light of tranquility, dissatisfied by the beams that would ardently attack my arced approach and as on land my laquocious propensity once again fails me while I manuever in an attempt to deny my habitual nature, find discipline, find respect, find bravery, and in the end find the me, subersively left to be.

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