Tuesday, July 20, 2010


On faith...
It is only through delusion that we make all things possible. If our minds are wired, and in this wiring we are must compute sum-if equations, than we must expand the sum of our input to include delusional possibilities where, because of this effect (the Heisenberg, Hawthorne, Observer Effect) the reality of our delusion can come true. (Established by quantum spin, super collapse, and quantum coherence) The Kabala’s astral plane as is described in the Zohar by Zolar would appear to be spot on (when observed). What then is the best tool for this illusion to manifest in each individual, well whatever gives you the most amount of faith (delusion).
First find peace, then focus, then creation/destruction can manifest. Is it then in ritual that we are habitually drawn to faith, and is it then in fulfilling the senses, as every spiritual ritual does, that our faith is manifested more strongly? Is it where two or more are gathered because this increases quantum/spiritual inertia? Does fulfilling the senses in the right way compound our spiritual affect, can fulfilling them in the wrong way block this affect, in a world where so much could be possible we must need to control our input carefully, good food, good water, good information, good shape, no fear, the more faith, the more result. Let delusion guide you, this is why mascots work, when everyone buys in you are actually creating a spiritual body in the ether/astral plane. I am not God but I have a direct connection to him and through him all other things. Get to god, get the world. Faith is born of conscious need, can we grow beyond it, perhaps but then we would need to grow beyond the sum/if predisposition of our minds so that we can affect the ether without delusion/faith. (Though it is reoccurring perception that is faith, nothing more. You are no more real to me than I perceive, no light has actually ever touched my mind which exists in a sensory vacuum and is only an electric/quantum computer networking my senses.
The more intellectual the higher the propensity for sum-if to be bound by the supposed and perceived reality, and the less likely we are to break free and have faith/delusion. Does this even the playing field between the intellectual as it is inverse to the spiritual, what if we have both? What if we can use both? Can we use intellect to better focus our faith/delusion on the smallest thing in a chain requiring the least amount of focus and energy but to have the greatest amount of impact? Is it easier, in the plane/brane to affect time than objects? How does everyone else’s perception materialize things in our perception? Does everyone’s participation help embolden the objects in the matrix. If so than how do we free ourselves? Seclusion/Isolation? Every great spiritual moment in history has happened in isolation where we are free from the “focus” of others. Can we have the greatest impact on stuff where it isn’t understood, so it is under the stifling radar of our sum if or where others do not perceive it so it is outside of theirs? Can I not see something everyone else does, yes, but only where I am sure and this sureness is an overwhelming faith in the sum if I have deducted and it remains this way until my equation changes. Where it is all perception it is all faith, change your faith, change your world. Change your world, change the world.

Gravity again....
I propose that gravity is a frequency inducing vacuum, by that I mean that its frequency of energy creates a vacuum of suck in the ether, or attraction. All things want to be with all of other things, gravity birthed time where it is a reflection of mass and time is god. Gravity is time.
The Sun is a perfect metaphor for the rotation of gravity and energy, you run out of energy before gravity, but gravity is weaker than all other energy, but is more everlasting so must exist below nuclear forces on the spectrum.
Peace escapes time, allows quantum mind ability to interact with God more forcibly, more intimately, and connects us.
This interaction with god through peace can be stress inducing on the body, the connection, "holy spirit" in you can overwhelm the transcended and is the unknown tickle that we experience and is a little distracting as it persuades a good feeling and can bring out sin and it is the first test/distraction/sin.
Is there a scale where gravitational waves become visible?
The beginning is peace of mind; this increases mental activity, like priming a pump which is essentially what you are doing as these effects are either time manipulation or vacuum induced.
Peace = 0 or peace = 1 and -1/2 – this would mean that the affect is 1 or that we have control over the other -1/2 which means we have 25% control over every instant. Hope/faith/delusion represents 25% , is this the open possibility left in the me that no one knows which psychology predicts?
We love drama when it ends in peace, it’s the peace we wrongly fight to find, no one loves peace, just the dramatic mind finding peace and the contrast, contrast is not peace or focus. Contrast is dangerous.
Mass is time if gravity is time. It rounds the otherwise single dimension of the astral brane/plane. Breathing, in and out, we are simply in this universe in between breathes of the greater brane/plane.
2 is the responsibility, its frightening and the sudden realization of power, it can breed lust.
I can not have mental control until I have physical control as my body can rule my mind with pain, hunger, need etc but the mind can be trained to overcome and then to work in tandem but this takes energy and that is bad as it is distracting.
Focus brings creation and distraction, peace brings understanding, then we get to, when we are conscious, choose.
Choice overcomes determinism but only 25% of the time.
It does mean that for you to change you have to overcome the world’s perception of you, as this expectation would affect your behavior in unconscious moments or in the other 75% that you can’t control. Also explains why it is so easy to change when isolated where there are no expectations. Estimated number of conscious moments = 40 times/sec. This represents the number of quantum super collapses we experience, also means the universe was conscious directly following the big bang, for just a moment.
When people wait a long time to make a decision are they waiting on others to literally project them one way or another? How is stubbornness defined? If you shield yourself from consciousness are you immune to influence? Is this a result of being conflicted and/or permanently focused without ever retreating or reenergizing at a stage of peace? This would mean that all moments have potential to overcome all effects and we are left equalized no matter what, the system is balanced, the astral plane is a giant circular reference and always leads back to consciousness, this means that consciousness is time, because without either we do not exist because we cannot perceive. If this is the case where does light come in where we have relativity? Does light matter? Does light create consciousness? Is light literally God?

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