Sunday, November 7, 2010


I was surprised at the youtube and google response to my inquiry of quantum rhythm and quantum frequency. I have a new found love and fascination for the study and interpretation of wave forms and Eigen vectors.

Upon a short investigation of gravitational waves, a strong theory of physics, I noticed that although an estimation was made of the effects of the wave over time, no estimation was made as to the high and low points of the wave over time on an object?

My latest and greatest theory (these collapse quarterly) supposes that matter is the manifestation of a frequency on the fabric of energy space and energy time. If this is the case than our reality is like a movie whose light is energy vibrating at such a perfect frequency as to manifest visibly, audibly, etc for a brief amount of time.
This brief amount of time should be albe to be measured, where the frequency itself is responsible for the transfer of energy and uses energy, thus filling some of the void of all of the missing energy in the universe. If I, for instance, had to maintain the number 1 visibly from what is naturally 0 and this required 1 amp/second, and if I also suppose that a quantum coherent vacuum kept this energy stable so long as there was quantum energy to draw from than I would be able to measure the energy of the frequency and derive, through estimation of all reality, how much energy is being used, how much has been used, and how much is left.
Unless of course we can not surmise what quantum particles are made of, or what the lowest common denominator of energy is, as it would exist beyond a door we could open. If this is the case then our search for a theoretical constant would be over.
Short of this kind of available absolution I would still theorize that a quantum frequency and the evolution of frequency and rhythmic science as a whole can help us to better understand natural effects, energy transfer, etc where frequency is essentially the quantification of movement of time.
If a galaxy is spiraled because of the wave of gravity from a super massive black hole than can we measure the effect of the diminished gravity on things in this layer? Electrons exist in frequency bands around a nucleus and never in between, how does this governance exist in smaller levels?
Do these nuclear laws exist at the plank scale?
If it is all frequency than can it be remolded with a slight frequency change?
Every genius finds new truths in the "code" of his studies. Isn't this process the mental manifest of the frequency of those efforts? See observation effect.
Can frequency/rhythm align quantum particles? Is this more efficient than the electromagnetic force at low energy?

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