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Singularity as Communication Loop

I propose the following physical theory assuming to unify quantum and mechanical physics and overcome gravitational paradoxes by dissecting material at Planck Scale into quantized particles whose propagation is derived from calculable  wave energy (determined by stored and shared information) and, at overlap, become ground level material.
The following assumptions were made in the development of this postulate:
  • Symmetry is inherent in the action of energy as it propagates from a single neutral point
  • Pi is inherent in the actions of energy as it propagates from a single neutral point
  • A mechanical, completely determinate system must be the first measurable classification of matter. Therefore, an algorithm must exist for the manifestation of energy into different types of matter and must be accounted for through known physical effects such as spin, orbit, temperature, and pressure.  Further, these effects must directly influence the manifestation of energy into different physical states and account for all known Forces and Fields.
  • Matter is seen as the materialization of energy and, through a finite frequency whose upper limit is ground level matter and lower limit is beyond observation, must maintain enough data within its fundamental part to maintain its vector (communicated through overlapping wave) and matter (communicated through fq of spin). The frequency of spin expands the wave type and creates specific material "holograms" from the same qauntized wave pattern.
  • C represents a limit defined as the speed of information.  This speed of information, from energy (information) to matter, and back again, can be no greater than C and cannot communicate greater than C² relatively.
  • Energy exists as matter because of spin. Without spin, energy does not materialize and would appear invisible though may maintain some characteristics like Gravity. 
  • Gravity is considered to be a constant inertia established by the undulation of energy, regardless of any spin. Gravity is also be seen as the communication inertia flowing in/out of an energy (information) system, tethering the material to its source, never able to escape its origin. Finally it is a type of information interference which affects the alignment of the enery as it manifests moving it slightly toward its greater source.
In an attempt to explain and summarize this theory consider this equation : (Work is intentinoally shown)
E=M*C²   with V=x/t  means E/C=M(x/L)C or  Mx=EL/C²  or  Mx = EL/C*C
Interpreted for the purpose of this theory we deduct that the function of mass x is equal to energy with the length of its propagation divided by the speed of the information wave. This reveals a highly symmetric frequency to the distribution of energy and, when distributied orbitally (assuming a vacuum), provides a spherical pulse that, when given spin, allows for communication of location through "bump" and the exchange of matter type through inertia.
The following chart shows attempts to calculate this inward/outward propagation. It is important to note that this transmission would, through its own frequency multiplied by the effect of its spin, appear in packets whose individual effects would exist regardless of their origin.
The graph (attached) was calculated by applying a constant frequency to time and length where the x axis represent time and the y axis represent energy output. This graph is meant to overlap, or better yet expand, from a center point and reveals the symmetry inherent to the communication system. The expanding/contracting growth is menat to reflect the dialogue of information over time encoded in the pattern while calculating the propagation of information using C x C at their relative limits.  It has been overlaid by circles to represent the spherical manifestation and shows the overlap at position (32,5) which may either carry information forward or cause the system to collapse depending on what forces are applied to the information wave. It should be noted that the ‘program’ ends at (31,1).
Note the crystallization that occurs according to the LaGrange Points as G overlaps within this symmetry and is  nullified beyond it, over D².
Also note that this energy frequency  (energy-matter-energy-matter) would result in a particle distribution through the double slit experiment as the particles exist, at Planck Scale, as the apex of energy waves.
Also note that the ratios given by the above graph follow known Fermion/Boson spins: ½, 3/2, 5/2. These are seen by tracking the individual alignments of each apex to their position from 0.
The actual result is:
  1. ½
  2. 2/2
  3. ½
  4. 3/2
  5. ½
  6. 2/2
  7. ½
  8. 4/2
  9. ½
  10. 2/2
  11. ½
  12. 3/2
  13. ½
  14. 2/2
  15. ½
  16. 5/2
The associating ratio is:
  • ½ x 8
  • 2/2 x 4
  • 3/2 x 2
  • 4/2 or 2 x 1
  • 5/2 x 1 or 0
All integers would be assumed to follow summations of these 3 spin functions in their interaction.
With regard to gravity it should be noted that the high frequency manifestation of the energy wave would result in a cycloid, actually several cycloid orbits broadcasting from a single energy source.

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